Automate all your Business Payments

Business Payment System
“Finly’s payment system has automated all internal finance operations. Payments to our vendors & riders are completely automated Excellent support & short TAT is definitely an added benefit”
Arvind Sanka,
CTO, Rapido
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“We have several vendors to manage on our platform. All thanks to Finly we can split, transfer & make bulk payouts to all vendor without any hassle. Our accounting system is updated automatically with all these transactions.”
Mr. Shreyas Nagdawne,
COO, Suprdaily

“All our payouts are through Finly. The hassle of using credit cards, processing payments from current account or signing cheques is no longer there after implementing Finly.”

“Payments are completely streamlined. All transactions are auditable & approvals have shortened from weeks to minutes.”
Mr. Vivek George,
Promoter, Flax Works
Vendor Payments Settlements
Automate splitting & routing payouts with your vendors. Share transaction details or map the same against vendors Run marketplace based businesses with ease.
Vendor Payments On-Demand Services
On Demand Services
Use our APIs to automate the payouts while having control over when the transfers are made and settled.
Vendor Payments Track Inflow With Auto Collect
Track inflow with Auto Collect
Automatically track customer payments with virtual bank accounts. No more manual reconciliation.
Flexible payment options
Vendor Payments Vendor Management
Vendor Management
Manage your vendors, create as many transfers via NEFT, IMPS or RTGS with complete control over the splitting logic.
Vendor Payments Easy Integrations
Easy Integration
Go live without any hassle.
Vendor Payments API Driven Automation
API Driven
Complete set of APIs to automate every aspect of business finance operations.
Trusted by over 500+ Customers ranging from Midscale Businesses to Enterprises.
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