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“We are able to control all purchases & spend againt preset budgets. Our bottom line savings has had an impact of over 30% after implementing Finly.”
Mr Siddharth Reddy,
Procurement Admin, Hertz
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“I know how many payouts are to be done to all our vendors in the coming few weeks. I know what the general spend of each department & team is now & how much each of our projects cost us. We have identified several cost saving opportunities and our vendor interactions are completely streamlined all thanks to Finly ”
Mr Manoj Bhat,
Head of Procurements, Rajkot Cements

“The system is a very simple system to use. While it was obvious that the system was very much required the concern we had most is the adoption by the employees & finance team. The purchase team & finance team have loved how simple the system is to use. Finly has added a lot of productivity & efficiency to our teams”

“The MIS reports we are able to generate out of Finly is responsible for the realistic budgets we have for the company this year. We are also able to ensure that each of our departments spends within these budgets”
Mr. Siddharth Reddyj,
Procurement Admin, Hertz
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